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Marshall Day Acoustics


Marshall Day Acoustics shifted office spaces into an retro art deco style concrete building. The acoustics were terrible and needed resolving, but done in a way that matched the aesthetics of the building.



Our solution involved using the high-performing acoustic Quietspace® Panel, in combination with elegant 3D Tiles as acoustic wall art to provide effective acoustic control with style. The bespoke geometric design helped to define the space but also blended in well with the buildings overall aesthetics. Due to the nature of the build and unsymmetrical surfaces, the design was technically challenging and required consistent spacing to achieve the desired effect.


"Everything worked well! The panels were installed with care, and due consideration given to the final placement and spacing to ensure it looked its best. The panels were installed in a timely fashion, without delays. Communication throughout the project was excellent. Swannie and the Beejays team did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend them.”
James Bell-Booth
-Marshall Day Hamilton Manager 




Quietspace® Panel


A high-performance acoustic panel suitable for wall and ceiling applications.

[Colours – Nude White & Nude Black] 

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3D Tiles


3D Tiles are elegant, high-performing, acoustic wall art designed to provide effective acoustic control for any interior environment.

[Colours – Silver]

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