“There was nothing simple about this project and not many people understand how to build acoustic environments. Enabling studios to perform acoustically while retaining a comfortable environment and also being aesthetically pleasing. Key concerns were noise attenuation and internal acoustic performance.
Beejays were recommended by Architect and Consultant. Subsequent industry checks via word of mouth were overwhelmingly supportive of Beejays.

Beejays flexibility and willingness to problem solve on the spot singlehandedly saved elements of the project. Significant issues arose very late in the project, had Beejays not been part of the solution, considerable delays and costs likely would have escalated ”
Richard Paul
- Head of Property Mediaworks
Finance Department





Leaders in the New Zealand media industry, Mediaworks needed their studios to perform at a high level to meet every day broadcasting demands.

Architects Warren and Mahoney worked alongside the Autex design team to create a purpose built design for three bold, custom, acoustic sculpture walls for Mediaworks’ common areas, and to construct a high-performance treatment for their 16 radio studios. Characterised by the acoustic feature walls, each borough represents a physical manifestation of sound; anechoic (mustard), noise (crimson), and beats (khaki).


The finished studios offer a sleek, modern aesthetic hand-in-hand with high-performance broadcasting technology—giving each radio brand space to create quality, innovative video and audio content they can be proud of.

Each studio is treated with 50mm Quietspace® Panel and 12mm Cube™ to create a ‘dry’ acoustic environment, mitigating any reverberation, echo, or distracting ‘flutter’ that could interfere with the recording.



Quietspace® Panel


A high-performance acoustic panel suitable for wall and ceiling applications.

[Colours – White, Black] 

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A lightweight and semi-rigid acoustic panel that can be used as a wall covering, creative medium and stand-alone feature.

[Pavillion, Savoye, Sargazo, Senado, Gherkin]

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This elegant cut-pile carpet offers plush softness underfoot and provides superior sound absorption properties. Made from Premium Solution Dyed Nylon, this carpet is stain proof, fade proof, anti-allergenic with outstanding performance. 

[Colour - Zimmer]

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