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Toa Architechs

“This was an extremely technical project, it required a lot of ground work before we even started the install and a lot of patience and preparation from our install team. The finished product was better than we expected. The addition of the white stars wasn’t on the original job but matched the designers rendering”

Johnathan Swanson
Project Supervisor
Beejays Regional Manager Tauranga


  • Autex Custom Etch® "Building/ Skyline effect" - Colour Fawn

  • Autex Cube - background for Building and Skyline - Colour Lotus

  • Autex Vetiface - Custom cut stars for Skyline - Colour Civic


Meeting Architect Specifications - A Challenging Install which required;

  • Properly aligning multiple cut pieces and products.

  • Products were water jet cut pieces, there was a lot of preparation needed to ensure everything aligned and fit properly within the space.

  • Fitting the product between the structural beams and the wall.

  • Precise Matching - All of the Etch had to be cut to match the Cube panels exactly which brings its own issues as you have to cut a soft malleable 3mm material to match a semi-rigid 12mm panel.

  • High strength adhesives meant minimal time for manipulation or readjusting, particularly behind the beams. 


  • Our sales team and project manager worked closely with the client to ensure the best possible finish with minimum complications.

  • Thorough Preparation, which included triple checking measurements and laying out product prior to install.